Knecht Business Solutions is owned, managed, operated and otherwise wrangled by Nicki Knecht and her brother Patrick Knecht.

NickiNicki Hermans

Nicki is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.  Her career started in technology – specifically building computers – then transitioned into training and development.  Looking for a new challenge, Nicki joined a start-up consulting company where she had the opportunity to delve into Human Resources and Accounting disciplines.  What was initially foreign to Nicki became an area of expertise.

More importantly, Nicki’s experience of working for a small, start-up organization opened her eyes to how administrative tasks took time away from what the founders valued most – growing their company and doing the work they loved.  This inspired Nicki strike out on her own, offering her skills and expertise to companies like yours, taking on those critical tasks and giving time back to entrepreneurs and owners enabling them to spend more time doing what inspires them.

At home Nicki enjoys spending time with her two creative and talented children.  She loves spending time at her cabin during the summer, and staying close to the fireplace in the winter.


Patrick also has an interesting background.  Much of his experience is grounded in real estate and construction – from sales to expeditor and warranty management.  The breadth of Patrick’s background gives him unique knowledge of the real estate industry and building trades, but also an unwavering passion for making customers, and their priorities, his priority.

Patrick has quickly become an essential part of KBS’ success today, and has already proven invaluable to a number of clients.  His experience working with a diverse group of internal and external customers – home owners and builders to volunteers and c-suite executives – has helped hone his ability to build trust and deliver on commitments.

When not taking care of client needs Patrick loves getting out on his bike and exploring, spending time with friends and family and honing his skills at badminton and backgammon (not really, but we think he should!).

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