As an external partner, you pay none of the expenses with hiring and keeping employees on staff – none of the costs to recruit, interview and on-board employees, none of the expenses associated with employment such as benefits, insurance and taxes.  You only pay for the time it takes for us to complete your project; not down time, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, vacations, or sick days.

So what could savings look like annually?

Considering the median annual pay for a full-time Bookkeeper ranges from $34,000 to $44,000 ($17.00 – $22.00/hr.), depending on your market, let’s look at the numbers:

KBS can be extremely cost effective.

Expenses Permanent  Employee

$20/hr, 20 hrs/wk


$60/hr, 5 hrs/wk

Annual Salary $20,800 $15,600
Bonuses -0-
SUTA, FUTA, SS, Medicare 2,964 -0-
401k -0-
Disability 291 -0-
Healthcare 4,493 -0-
Pension -0-
Time Off -0-
Annual Total $28,548 $15,600


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