As an external partner, you pay none of the expenses with hiring and keeping employees on staff – none of the costs to recruit, interview and onboard employees, none of the expenses associated with employment such as benefits, insurance and taxes.  You only pay for the time it takes for us to complete your project; not down time, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, vacations, or sick days.

So what could savings look like annually?

Considering the median annual pay for a full-time Bookkeeper ranges from $34,000 to $44,000 ($17.00 – $22.00/hr.), depending on your market, let’s look at the numbers:

KBS can be extremely cost effective.

Expenses Permanent  Employee

$20/hr, 20 hrs/wk


$60/hr, 5 hrs/wk

Annual Salary $20,800 $15,600
Bonuses -0-
SUTA, FUTA, SS, Medicare 2,964 -0-
401k -0-
Disability 291 -0-
Healthcare 4,493 -0-
Pension -0-
Time Off -0-
Annual Total $28,548 $15,600


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