You are such a gift in my life.  Trust is priceless…and to be able to place your full trust & confidence in another person….especially with money…is a rare blessing.  The added benefit of feeling like you are a true partner in my success is immeasurable.  Thank you!  Thank You!


Less than 5 minutes after hiring Nicki Knecht to help my company out of an office jamb I knew she was the right person for the job.  She has a positive, can do, get it done attitude and the knowledge and experience to back it up.  Nicki helped us create better systems and use technology in ways which would have taken me many weeks to accomplish and I never could have thought of in the first place. As a former computer programmer I’m continually amazed at her wide knowledge and speed with Microsoft Office Programs and have learned to become more efficient from working with Nicki. She has saved my company money by making sure we were able to do more, faster and more accurately then before. I have recommended Nicki to others without hesitation and will continue to do so.

Tony Trapp | Tony Trapp Remodeling & Repairs, LLC

“You have been a “godsend” in my life and a huge help to my professionalism!”

Mary Y.

“Your help has been invaluable in getting my business to where it is right now – which is busier & busier – THANK YOU!”


“When Nicki and I first discussed the possibility of working together I told her that I had a complex business and my bookkeeping would be difficult. She wasn’t deterred from the challenge. We began working together and the learning curve on how to handle my billing began. That was seven years ago and since then, we’ve worked together exclusively every week and my billing, accounting, taxes and overall financial records have been kept in good order since the beginning.”

John Russell | The Business Source, LLC

I really appreciate all that you do and I know that I could not be here without your help!  I can’t believe where we started from – such a distant memory!

Brent Sorensen | SCS Building and Remodeling, LLC

“Nicki worked with me diligently on organizing and cleaning up my in- and out-of-office-paperwork. She was very patient and exacting with my nit-picky details. I appreciated her attentiveness when we were speaking in person. I will need Nicki’s assistance with a few other office processes in the future and will not hesitate to contact her. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her. Thank you Nicki for getting my corporate consistency in line.”

Miguel F Cárdenas L.Ac. | Gentle Tiger Acupuncture LLC